Make Your Website Work Across Multiple Devices

Build a website that showcases your business on every screen from smartphones and tablets to computers and TVs. Your customers expect a great browsing experience regardless of what device they use.

Whitepaper: Building Websites for the Multi-Screen Consumer

Whitepaper Principles of Mobile Site Design

Learn how to build a best in class mobile site that delights users and drives conversions.

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Whitepaper: Building Websites for the Multi-Screen Consumer

Whitepaper Building websites for the multi-screen consumer

Learn about the most typical structures for multi-screen websites, with tips on how to create a great user experience and avoid some of the more common mistakes.

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Case Study American Cancer Society mobilizes 7,000 web pages in one quarter

The Society increased mobile visits by 250% and trippled mobile donations with a smart content strategy and deep understanding of visitor needs.

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Case Study Baines & Ernst’s new site increase mobile conversions

Baines & Ernst launched a Responsively Designed Site. On mobile devices, pages per visit have since increased 11% while mobile conversions have grown an impressive 51%.

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Case Study Beyond the Rack’s mobile conversion rate doubles

After investing in an optimized smartphone experience mobile traffic now accounts for one-third of BTR sales on weekdays, and as much as 44 percent on weekends.

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Case Study Newegg’s mobile users convert 100% more often when using Google Wallet

The second-largest online-only U.S. retailer, Newegg looked to Google Wallet to help drive business growth with its valued mobile users.

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Case Study Plusnet sees traffic grow 2x and sales 10x

Plusnet implemented a multi-screen strategy based on Responsive Design. The new site has resulted in online sales via smartphone and tablet devices growing tenfold year over year.

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Case Study Huffington Post boosts mobile visitors 37% following site redesign

When The Huffington Post refreshed their mobile site in Summer 2013, they prioritized design, content selection, speed and the social experience.

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Resource Multi-Screen vendors

These recommended vendors can help you optimize your business’s website.

  • Vendor: Mobify
  • Vendor: Moovweb
  • Vendor: Weebly

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Tool Make your web pages fast on all devices

Use Pagespeed Insights to measure your site performance on mobile and desktop devices.